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PDF2InDesign 3.0 for Adobe InDesign CS5

: : » Adobe InDesign : 11 2012 : 0 :
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Recosoft have updated their professional-level PDF-to-editable-InDesign file converter, PDF2ID Enterprise, to version 3 -- bringing complete support for Adobe InDesign CS 5 and 5.5, variable page size PDF conversion (to CS 5.x only), automatic layering of text, graphics and tables, a new Graphic Options panel and much more. The program's latest update fixes some issues related to font mapping, and generally improves stability and conversion.


: : » Adobe InDesign : 11 2012 : 0 :
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MathMagic Pro Edition for Adobe InDesign - Adobe InDesign, , .


: job.malina : » Adobe InDesign : 28 2011 : 0 :
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Alap Imposer Pro 1.1.4 for Adobe Indesign

: : » Adobe InDesign : 30 2008 : 2 :
  • 34


Imposer Pro is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that imposes document pages into printer flats. Imposer Pro offers six sheet types (2-Up, 4-Up, 8-Up, 2-Up Consecutive, 3-Up Consecutive, and 4-Up Consecutive), four binding types (Saddle Stitch, Perfect Bound, Stacked, and None) and five imposition types (Standard, Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Split Web, and Sheet Wise). To meet all your imposition needs such as using different imposition methods for the same document you can choose which pages to impose and how many signatures to create.

MathMagic Pro Edition v3.6.0.37 for Adobe InDesign (WinAll)

: : » Adobe InDesign : 5 2008 : 0 :
  • 68


You can make any equations with MathMagic Pro application very fast, and then send back to InDesign. MathMagic Plug-in allows you to place equations inside a text box as inline graphics, or floating graphic objects in EPS format. Once created, all equations are handled by InDesign just like other EPS graphic objects. But you can still edit those equations anytime just by double-clicking on it.

DTP Tools - History plug-in v2.1.1 for Adobe Indesign (CS/CS2)

: : » Adobe InDesign : 26 2007 : 0 :
  • 34

DTP Tools - History plug-in v2.1.1 for Adobe Indesign (CS/CS2)

As you probably know, getting to different stages of progress in your document just by clicking Undo button can be really frustrating. And yet in InDesign there is no easy way to orient in past actions.
DTP Tools History plug-in brings the extra useful panel known from Photoshop to InDesign, with added and improved features.
Apart from seeing all available redo and undo steps, you can now save different Versions within a single document. Regardless of how much you change your documents, you can always return to any state at any time

New plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS2 (Win and MAC)

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2007 : 0 :
  • 68
Here you can get 3 new plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS2. Two plug-ins by Sansui Software company - Fractions'N'Prices and Tab2XML. And one by NAPS - CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS/CS2

Pattern Pack and BarcodeMaker for Adobe InDesign

: : » Adobe InDesign : 10 2007 : 0 :
  • 85
Create barcodes directly in InDesign

Now creating customized barcodes is simple and fast with Teacup's BarcodeMaker plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS and CS-2. Featuring 19 different barcodes, including all major industry standards like ISBN (10 and 13 digit), UPC and EAN.
Powerful PostScript patterns for InDesign

Designed by page layout guru David Blatner, this free plug-in brings high quality PostScript patterns to InDesign. Fill any frame with a pattern, then modify, tweak and reinvent each pattern into unlimited variations!
13 patterns for PatternMaker

From basketweaves to scallops to concetric circles to a field of dots, the 13 patterns included in this pack will offer designers a whole new gamut of design possibilities.

RogueSheep InEventScript v1.0.3 for Adobe Indesign

: : » Adobe InDesign : 29 2007 : 0 :
  • 85
InEventScript allows you to automate complex or repetitive processes in Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy by assigning scripts to the everyday actions users take in InDesign. Anything you can script can be associated to user actions in InDesign. InEventScript allows you to streamline your workflow with ease.

Knowbody Color Markup v4.0 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
  • 85

Why not save time and money by doing automatic color markup for both your customers and your printer?
Avoid the typical mistakes of using spot colors when you want CMYK instead!
Have you ever heard of people that supply an InDesign document to the printer with wrong color usage?
Well, this is a typical error that a lot of printers can tell long and terrible stories about.
Keyfunctions in Color Markup:

Knowbody Cool Tracking v4.0.1 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
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Do you want to change the general look-and-feel of a font?
Have you ever found yourself in the need of making general amendments to the spacing of a font?
In InDesign you are able to make these modifications manually using the "Tracking" setup of the "Character" palette. You can not make it happen automatically.
Not until you start using Cool Tracking!
Key features of Cool Tracking:

Knowbody Label-it v4.1.8 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
  • 17

Do you print your pages?
Then you might often have asked yourself: What name did I give the image on the page? Was it the first
xxx_1.tif or is this really the xxx_2.tif picture?
Label It solves this problem. You simply turn on the label function before you print.
Key features of Label It:

Knowbody Smart Paste v4.0.2 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
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Do you handle a lot of text?
Do you often import text from Word and other text programs into InDesign?
Then you are probably spending a lot of time on re-applying layout to the text.
Smart Paste lets you predefine the font etc inside InDesign so you get the correct font and style, when you paste.
But the smart thing is, that it still imports "style"-changes. So you will not loose bold, italic and underline.
Key features of Smart Paste:

Knowbody Stampit v4.0.6 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
  • 0

Do you know who modified your document last time?
Stamp It is a plugin that can add timestamps to your document, that is automatically updated.
It also has features that allow you to maintain a log on the page of who changed the document.
Key features of Stamp It:

Knowbody XConnect v4.0.8 for Adobe Indesign CS2

: : » Adobe InDesign : 17 2006 : 0 :
  • 0

Search for images in your Xinet system via your Meta data!
Or simply browse it. You can naturally do drag-and-drop straight into InDesign documents.
Keyfeatures in XConnect: