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Enfocus PitStop 10 (MAC OSX) Plugins for Adobe Acrobat

: : » Adobe Acrobat : 10 2010 : 0 :
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PitStop Pro 10 runs as a plug-in with Adobe® Acrobat 8 and the latest Adobe® Acrobat® 9 and supports the current Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating systems as well as older systems. PitStop Server, the automated PDF preflighting, correction and certification tool that shares the Enfocus preflight library, has also been updated to version 10.

Portable Microsoft Office 2002 XP (v.10) MAX-Pack-2010

: ls5757 : » Adobe Acrobat : 26 2010 : 0 :
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[/center] Portable Microsoft Office XP 20002 (v.10) MAX-Pack-2010 - MS Office 10- Windows.
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Appligent Redax v4.6.1 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 12 2009 : 0 :
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Redaction is a daily process for organizations that manage classified, sensitive or private information. Failures in redaction can be costly, as many government agencies, corporations, law-firms and others have learned to their chagrin.

Appligent StampPDF v4.6.0 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 12 2009 : 2 :
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Our StampPDF plug-in for Adobe Acrobat offers many of the text-stamping functions  but does not include the ability to stamp images.
Equally compatible with Adobe Acrobat versions 6 through 9, StampPDF plugin ensures that cost-effective, high-quality stamping is available throughout the organization.

Alap Imposer Pro 1.0.1 for Adobe Acrobat

: : » Adobe Acrobat : 30 2008 : 1 :
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Impose PDF pages from within an Acrobat document into 2 up, 4 up or 8 up flats all from a simple to use visual interface. Imposer Pro will give you full control over creep, bleed, and crossover traps. Imposer Pro offers binding types for Saddle Stitch, Perfect Bound, Stacked, and None as well as five imposition types Standard, Work and Turn, Work and Tumble, Split Web, and Sheet Wise. Whether your production piece is a brochure or a book, Imposer Pro will offer a seamless, easy-to-use solution for your PDF workflow

Evermap AutoBatch v1.3 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoBatch is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Professional software. AutoBatch adds a command-line batch file functionality to the Adobe Acrobat Professional. It allows users to execute any existing Acrobat batch sequence from a command-line prompt or a batch file. The plug-in provides easy to use interface for creating batch files that does not require any type of programming. The desired batch file is created automatically based on user selection of an existing batch sequence and a required action. The resulting batch file can be started from a command prompt and automatically launches Adobe Acrobat Professional that immediately starts executing a specified batch sequence. Adobe Acrobat Professional automatically exits once processing is completed.

Evermap AutoBookmark v2.2 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoBookmark is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional software. The software is designed to create, edit and maintain all navigational elements of PDF documents: bookmarks, links and named destinations. The plug-in helps to quickly add bookmarks, links and named destinations across one or more PDF documents making them easier to navigate.

Evermap AutoMassSecure v1.0 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoMassSecure is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software for securing batches of PDF files with individual, randomly generated passwords. The plug-in allows the restricting of document access rights such as printing or editing and protects each input PDF files with random password(s). The plug-in functionality is seamlessly integrated with Adobe Acrobat application as a menu selection.

Evermap AutoMailMerge v1.1 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoMailMerge is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software for performing mail merge processing. Mail merge is a computer term describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) documents from a single template form and a structured data source. This technique is used to create personalized letters, documents, bills and pre-addressed envelopes or mailing labels for mass mailings (or document creation) from a database of names and addresses. You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where each document contains unique elements. Creating each letter, message, bill, statement, fax, label, envelope, or coupon individually would take hours. That's where mail merge comes in. Using mail merge, all you have to do is create one PDF document that contains the information that is the same in each version. Then you just add some fillable form fields for the information that is unique to each version. The plug-in uses PDF form as a template and takes input from a variety of data sources to fill form fields and generate documents.

Evermap AutoPagex v1.7 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoPagex is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional software. It is designed to automate many tasks related to page management and content editing. The software provides functionality to move pages within a document, divide pages into multiple ones, duplicate pages, change page size, insert and delete blank pages, repeat page content into number of rows and columns, flatten form fields, and reverse page order in the document. AutoPagex plug-in offers special features for manipulating of page content such as fitting to margins, scaling, aligning, shifting and rotating. All page content such as text, images, graphics, annotations can be easily manipulated using these powerful tools.

Evermap AutoRedact v1.5 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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AutoRedact plug-in is an add-on to Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional software that provides a complete set of tools and operations for redacting various types of information from PDF documents. AutoRedact is a "true redacting" solution that deletes sensitive text, annotations, text form fields, vector graphics, and image information from PDF documents making them completely safe for distribution. The software contains many powerful operations and tools that increase productivity and provide powerful methods for automated document redacting and multi-user redacting workflows. Batch processing features allow redacting of many documents at once without human intervention and can significantly simplify redacting workflow by combining several processing steps into a single one.

Evermap AutoSplit Pro v2.4 for Adobe Acrobat

: bazis : » Adobe Acrobat : 1 2007 : 0 :
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Do you need to split PDF documents into multiple files?
Do you need to merge multiple files in one?
Extract embedded files (attachments) from PDF Packages and documents?
Break a PDF document into pieces based on bookmarks?
Extract ranges of pages into multiple PDF documents?
Split documents at pages with matching text?
Extract pages that contain specific keywords or text patterns?
Split PDF document at blank pages?
Find and extract pages that contain specific PDF elements as forms, images and etc?
Apply security settings and watermarks to the output PDF files?
Update links and bookmarks in the output to point to correct locations?
Process multiple PDF documents using Acrobat's batch sequences?
Do you want software that works in familiar Adobe Acrobat environment?

Look no further, this product is complete solution for you.
Join thousands of satisfied users who are already using AutoSplit software!

PDF2Text v1.09 for Adobe Acrobat

: : » Adobe Acrobat : 4 2007 : 0 :
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PDF2Text is a plug-in conversion tool for Acrobat Which is used to convert your PDF documents into plain text ascii files. Options are available to output page numbers, Paragraph formatting, Horizontal Formatting, Vertical Formatting, Page range extraction, Character spacing per inch, sorting of text, text tolerance level override for varying sizes of text, automatic loading and saving of configurations & many other features.

PDF Print Control v1.13 for Adobe Acrobat

: : » Adobe Acrobat : 4 2007 : 0 :
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PDF Print Control is an Acrobat plug-in tool for Acrobat which is used to take control of how your PDF's print at page level without the need for splitting up the pdf, this product is ideal for printing your PDF files to multiple trays from one PDF file, e.g. page 1-5 can be assigned to tray1 then page 6-10 can be assigned to tray2, you can set all printer information available in the printer driver like dpi, color/mono, orientation, trays and you can even switch printers! e.g. pages 1-5 to the Xerox in color and pages 6-10 to the HP in B/W, all printer settings information is stored within the PDF, so next time you want to print all you have to-do is load and press the special print button in the Acrobat toolbar, PDF Print Control has a few time saver options like print settings can be copied between documents for easy migration, replication within a document for repeat settings changes - e.g. page 1 - tray1, page 2 - tray 2 replicated would alternate through the document, quick markup by searching for text and mark that page with printer settings, mark on bookmark name, mark on page size, inject postscript during a print job for special printer finishing, Reporting summary of page markups.

Tinderbox Plugins Collection for Adobe After

: : » Adobe Acrobat : 17 2006 : 0 :
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Tinderbox Plugins Collection for Adobe After Effect

Tinderbox is an impressive collection of 2D visual effects plug-ins, delivering unlimited creative possibilities for artists involved in producing digital images for film and video. Opt for instant gratification with hundreds of presets or add your unique touch with a multitude of adjustable parameters. This set contains Tinderbox 1, 2, 3 and 4.