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Plugin Mootool Polygon Cruncher v7.1for LightWave & Inspire 3D & 3DS Max

  • 17

Polygon Cruncher is a plugin for LightWave Modeler V5.x, V6.x, V7.x, V8.x or more / Inspire 3D and 3DS Max V3.x, V4.x, V5.x, V6.x, V7.x, V8.x / 3DS VIZ / Autodesk VIZ. Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information, vertex colors. You can also optimized taking care of the symmetry of your objects. Polygon Cruncher has an OpenGL view which allows controlling optimization results whenever you want.
Moreover, Polygon Cruncher features batch processing: select the optimization levels you wish and let's go! Polygon Cruncher uses an exceptional algorithm, which gives incomparable results, really better than what you can get with optimizer provided with 3DS Max or Lightwave. Polygon Cruncher is really simple to use. It has been chosen by major 3D companies. Polygon Cruncher list of features : - An intelligent reduction of the number of faces : useful faces are removed at last. So you can reduce your model up to 75 % without removing details. - Optimization is pre-calculated, which allows to optimize the scene in real time. - You control accurately the number of faces or points you want. - Polygon Cruncher keeps all UV textures channels information and vertex colors channels information. - You can apply Polygon Cruncher on one or more objects at the same time, on one materials or several materials. You can work on a faces selection or on an invert faces selection. - Respect of symmetry for objects that are symmetrical - You can protect the border of the objects. Polygon Cruncher allows you to protect or to exclude objects borders. So your objects stays connected after optimization process. - An OpenGl preview which allows you to control optimization results. - Batch optimization of a set of files. You define clearly the optimization levels you wish for each files. - Polygon Cruncher is very fast.

Izotope Ozone Plugin v1.0 for Winamp 2, 3, and 5

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: bazis КАТЕГОРИЯ: Audio-Video - Medea (Warez) ДАТА: 31 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 68


2.2 MB
Ozone makes music sound better. Ozone adds warmth, bass, sparkle and an overall desirable sound to your MP3s. Unlike other “enhancers”, it improves your music by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. So instead of sounding harsh and hollow, your music sounds deep and full. The full version gives you control over a EQ, bass compressor, tube amplifier, and room simulator settings as well as a preset system that's simply unmatched.

ArcSoft Magic-I v3.0.0.16

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Программы - Soft (Warez) ДАТА: 31 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 85

ArcSoft Magic-i 3 is a powerful webcam application designed to enhance users' video chat experience. With a set of feature-rich effect templates, video chatting is no longer monotonous but rather fun and entertaining. Using the Virtual Driver technology, Magic-i can be selected as the video source and launched automatically with video chat clients or other popular webcam applications such as ArcSoft WebCam Companion. The program also features a widely acclaimed Stream Splitter technology that allows a single webcam device to be shared by different applications, making simultaneous streaming of multiple chat sessions and prerecorded videos possible.

GoodLook Pro v5.2.1

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Программы - Soft (Warez) ДАТА: 31 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 85

GoodLook enables you to compile image archives that include a simple image viewer with thumbnail display and options to save or print the current image. You can optionally add arrows, text clouds, web links and comments to each photo and also password protect images if needed. GoodLook can create image archives in EXE format, and also create simple image archives in a ZIP file (without viewer).

Hi-Res Tattoo

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: bazis КАТЕГОРИЯ: Плагины » Adobe Photoshop » Кисти - Brushes ДАТА: 31 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 0


4.2 MB

Wallpaper Master Pro 1.50

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Программы - Soft (Warez) ДАТА: 31 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 51

Wallpaper Master Pro 1.50 | 1.67 MB | Windows XP | Crack Included
Wallpaper Master is a powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager and cycler.

Wallpaper Master Pro - это программа для автоматической смены обоев рабочего стола Windows.
Удобный интерфейс, множество функций, легкая в настройке и использовании..

Plugins For Adobe Premiere

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Плагины » Adobe Premiere ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 51

18 Plugins for Adobe Premiere

JTT Bliss Pro WinALL Commercial FontSet

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Коммерческие Шрифты ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 34

OpenType | 1,5MB | PRICE (of manufacturer): $1,700

Bliss was originally released in 1996 as a six weight family. ExtraLight was added five years later together with an expanded character set to include Central European languages. In 2004 Bliss was upgraded to the OpenType font format. This current release sees Bliss expand again with the addition of Greek and Cyrillic scripts across the whole family of weights.
All three scripts share, in part, a common heritage in form, which can easily be seen through common characters. The lowercase though differs quite extensively. In the Greek lowercase all the characters except the omicron are different to Latin. With the Cyrillic lowercase, several characters are the same as Latin, whilst others appear to be strongly influenced by Latin.

Process Maple WinALL Commercial FontSet

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Коммерческие Шрифты ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 0

Maple is a flamboyant family of types inspired by the irregular grotesques of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The family features four weights, companion italics and multiple language support.
Styles (8 fonts): Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black and Black Italic.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression v6.5.0.95 Gold Retail

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Программы - Soft (Warez) ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 17

ArcSoft PhotoImpression combining powerful media mana-gement functionality with Photo editing and creativity in an experience that’s ideal for a wide range of users. Whether a beginner who’s looking for an easy way to organize, print and share their photos, or a photo maestro who wants a high-performance media manager with creative functionalities, PhotoImpression 6 is a feature-packed program that complements their photo work with a lot of artistic touch!
Stay Organized Without Even Trying - Even if your digital media is scattered all over your computer, PhotoImpression smartly and automa-tically organizes it all for you. The Calendar Browser lets you view files by date. The Import History Browser organizes files based on when they were copied to your computer. The Folder Browser gives you a Windows-like view. The Stack feature lets you stack your photos into virtual piles.

Fire-Ice Font Pack

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: bazis КАТЕГОРИЯ: Коммерческие Шрифты ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 17


1 MB

ITC font collection

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: bazis КАТЕГОРИЯ: Коммерческие Шрифты ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 17


30 MB

The Ultimate Photoshop Actions Collection vol 4

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: bazis КАТЕГОРИЯ: Плагины » Adobe Photoshop ДАТА: 30 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 17


Software required: Photoshop CS or above (english language version), may also work in Elements but no garantees

This is the third volume of actions giving you the power to create stunning effects and artwork using the power of Photoshop actions. These sets were made for Photoshop CS and CS2 english language version (they may not work in other versions). There's plenty more where these came from. I hope you enjoy!

AutoDesk - Lustre 2007 - ISO

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: Программы - Soft (Warez) ДАТА: 29 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 0

AutoDesk - Lustre 2007 - ISO | 263 Mb | RS.com

The Autodesk Lustre color grading system is a premiere high-performance solution for interactive film or HDTV grading and look creation. It provides high-quality, real-time color grading capabilities for modern data-centric workflows. Designed to combine the best in performance and creative tools with advanced configurability, Autodesk Lustre can be adapted to the most demanding facility workflows.

Компания Autodesk анонсирована новую версию системы для цифровой цветокоррекции Lustre 2007. Это – первый релиз под маркой Autodesk, ранее Lustre выпускалась под маркой Discreet. При помощи Lustre можно стилизировать видео, изменять время дня, во время которого происходит действие, поддерживать непрерывность кадров и т.д.
Система может использоваться совместно с программами для видеомонтажа и спецэффектов Autodesk Smoke и Autodesk Flame – проекты, созданные в этих программах, могут дорабатываться при помощи Lustre, и наоборот, при этом не используются ни экспорт файлов, ни видеопленка. Передача данных происходит через протокол доступа клиент-сервер Autodesk Wiretap. Lustre 2007 будет доступна в сентябре этого года.

De Espona. 3ds Max models

ОПУБЛИКОВАЛ: Длон КАТЕГОРИЯ: 3D модели - 3d model ДАТА: 29 декабря 2006 КОММЕНТАРИЕВ: 0 РЕЙТИНГ:
  • 34

More than 5000 3DsMax models

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